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Dimming glass | "blinds" hidden in car windows

Author:Longsheng Optronics  Date:2021-04-07

Dimming glass is a type of laminated glass with a PDLC liquid crystal film added in between. In a power-off state, liquid crystal molecules are irregularly dispersed, presenting a transparent and opaque effect, isolating the line of sight; After being powered on, the liquid crystal molecules are arranged in a regular pattern in the same direction, just like opening a blinds. Light can freely penetrate, presenting a transparent state and a clear and bright field of view. 

 The intelligent adjustment of glass transparency by dimming glass provides excellent privacy protection function, eliminating the need for installing sunshades and occupying interior space. 

 Dimming glass is also a very excellent projection screen, paired with projection, the imaging effect is clear and outstanding, and the car immediately turns into a mobile cinema, allowing you to enjoy movies and TV shows anytime, anywhere. 

 The dimming film and film in the middle of the dimming glass also improve the impact resistance of the glass and enhance the safety performance of the car; Equipped with high insulation effect, effectively blocking infrared and ultraviolet rays, protecting passenger health, and extending the service life of the interior.

 In addition, the dimming glass can also be mixed with integrated sound insulation, lighting and other functions to meet the personalized customization needs of car owners, intelligently adjust the atmosphere inside the car, and fully enjoy a comfortable human vehicle life.


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