20 years in PDLC field
Strive for the best in class product quality and performance
Technical strength
Through independent research and development, we have mastered the PDLC wide-temperature technology, become one of three companies in the world which can supply to Auto area, and our products can work smoothly range from -30°C to 100°C.

UV light resistance test

Technical High temperature resistance test

Wide Viewing Angle Test

Fine-tuning test

High contrast testing

UV light resistance test
Test conditions:Charge at 48V, cover 50% of the film, and use UV light shoot at film for 120 minutes
  • LS PDLC film-transparency
    LS PDLC film-Haze
  • Other PDLC film-transparency
    Other PDLC film-Haze
Technical High temperature resistance test
Test conditions:Put all samples in oven at room temperature, heat at 95 degree
Wide Viewing Angle Test
Test conditions:Check the transparent from 60 wide degree
  • Longsheng Wide angle PDLC
    Other Wide angle PDLC

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