20 years in PDLC field
Commit to the highest possible quality standard
Mass Production
  • Longsheng Optronics is known for its large-scale and efficient mass production capabilities. In 2023, it won the 8th China Automotive Parts Annual Contribution Award - the Lingxuan Award for Mass Production, New Materials, and Gold Award. Mass Production·New Materials·Gold Award
  • The strong mass production capability of the company is mainly attributed to the independently developed front-end process core equipment and back-end process automation production lines.
  • - Self-developed proprietary coating equipment.
    - Without SPACER enables our PDLC film lowest haze and highest light transmittance, a wide viewing angle and an overall good field of view.
    - 2 coating line, yearly capacity over 3 million square meters.
    Front line Process
  • - Independently developed the auto production line of PDLC finished sheet.
    - Enable the robust production process and conformity quality .
    - 2 Second operation lines, yearly capacity is 2 million finished panel films.
    Second operation Process
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