About PDLC film glass

Glass dimming screen is used in 100 inch and 150 inch window advertisement, conference system and large display system

PDLC film glass - 100 inch and 150 inch window advertisement
W100-inch and 150-inch advertising projection screen, with the help of the original transparent glass window, minute-by-minute display of brand image, touchable interactive advertising, shop window glass into a joint advertising screen, advertising content from the traditional light box into a rich combination of text, pictures and animation video, more flexible to change new content.
Product advantages
  • Large screen over 100 inches
    Increase advertising exposure
  • Touch screen
    Better user experience
  • Good for both movement and stillness
    Support video and picture playback
  • Energy saving and carbon reduction
    Low power operation with power saving and energy saving
  • Intelligent control system
    All day and year round automatic control
  • New media forms
    Transparent glass in the day, wonderful windows at night
  • Project case
    1. McDonald's glass dimming screen
    2. Curtain wall Taiwan's new light Sanyue
    3. Bank of China Hubei Bank Beijing ABC smart window display at night
    Glass dimming screen-100 inch conference system
    Glass dimming screen-100 inch conference system is a projection integrated product specially used for conference room space. The 100 inch large flat panel can touch the screen, and the back projection mode will not produce shadow shading problem. Intelligent display control can instantly cut the projection picture and image display window to create a good enterprise image.
  • Low energy consumption
    With laser projector, low power consumption and no glare
  • Beauty of design
    The glass window of the conference room is a large projection screen, which fully integrates the aesthetic feeling of space design
  • Intelligent office
    Intelligent sense of technology, display enterprise image, embedded remote video conference function
  • Touch operation
    Large flat touch operation to improve conference efficiency
  • Conference version 100 inch case
    Parameter table of glass dimming screen
    1. 100 inch conference system
    2. 100 inch window advertisement
    3. 150 inch window advertisement
    4. Giant display system
    Patent certificate
    Glass dimming screen - case of large display system
    1. 1200 square meter glass curtain wall dimming screen of Taiwan Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo
    2. Glass dimming screen in conference hall of people's daily
    3. CCTV Sports Channel Live Room