What is dimming film?
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Dimming glass is a kind of special photoelectric glass with sandwich structure, which is solidified in the middle of two layers of glass and glued by high temperature and high pressure. The biggest characteristic of this kind of glass is that it can switch between "opalescent transparent and opaque" and "colorless and transparent".

State switching is controlled by electricity, which also determines that it can be controlled by wall switch, computer remote control, remote control, mobile app and other ways.

The dimming film is undoubtedly the liquid crystal film in the middle of the dimming glass. Although this layer of film is very thin (less than 1 mm), its structure and function are not simple, the dimming glass really plays the role of dimming depends on it.

The principle of dimming film is very simple, but it is very difficult to produce, especially in the premise of ensuring transparency to achieve a larger area, which is a test of the manufacturer's technology. Therefore, there are few domestic manufacturers that can produce rolled dimming film. Even if some manufacturers can produce, it is only small area, and the transparency is low. What's more, without the test of time, the quality cannot be judged.

Strictly speaking, there are only a few manufacturers that can produce dimming film in China, and some so-called manufacturers buy the original film from other manufacturers to produce dimming glass, so they can also be called dimmer glass manufacturers. As for whether the dimming film manufacturer is not important, the important thing is that it can be used to produce a quality reliable dimming glass.

The dimming film has good flexibility and can be rolled up, but it is also very fragile. It can not be folded and easily scratched. Therefore, it is necessary to roll it up with paper cylinder and pack it with foam to ensure the tight packing.

The dimming film can not be directly applied. It must be made into dimming glass by laminating or adding electrostatic bonding layer to make self-adhesive dimming film. The advantage of self-adhesive dimming film is that it can be directly pasted on the glass, making ordinary glass become dimming glass, without changing the original glass for such an effect.

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