What are the main functions of intelligent dimming film?
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Intelligent sunshade: according to the light and heat intensity of the environment, it can automatically adjust the light transmittance and create a comfortable space with suitable light. At the same time, the blocking ability of infrared varies with the accumulation of photothermal intensity. In summer, the light and heat intensity is high, the irradiation time is long, the infrared transmittance is lower, and the heat insulation effect is obvious. In winter, the light and heat intensity is small, the irradiation time is short, and the infrared transmittance rises, so more solar energy can be obtained.

Thermal insulation: in winter, the far-infrared and heat generated by human body, household appliances, air conditioning, heating, etc. are kept indoors to keep the indoor temperature constant. In summer, the far-infrared (heat source) is blocked in the outdoor, making the indoor cool, so that the home life is like spring in four seasons, greatly reducing the load of air conditioning and heating, and saving the electricity bill.

Energy saving and environmental protection: it can block 99.5% ultraviolet and 85% infrared rays, which can avoid the harm of burning sunlight on personnel, cabinets, interior decoration, clothing and other items. At the same time, reduce the temperature inside the car and indoor, reduce the number of air conditioning. Energy saving, energy saving and environmental protection.

Safety and explosion-proof: explosion proof, anti-seismic, reduce damage, build [invisible protection net]

Change the appearance: light with the heart, color by light. Change clothes in the morning and evening, and change the appearance of the building.

Durability: intelligent dimming glass is a kind of laminated glass, which has been tested by radiation resistance experiment, and its service life is as long as 30 years.

One product multi-purpose: general use of cold and warm seasons, all-round sunshade and daylighting, environmental protection, health and safety.

Sound insulation and noise reduction: it has good sound insulation effect, to a certain extent, it can insulate you from the interference of external noise, create a quiet environment and give you a beautiful dream!

Temperature warning: intelligent dimming film can effectively indicate the change of temperature through the penetration of light.

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