Difference between dimming glass and general glass
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The most important feature of dimming glass is that it is frosted when it is not electrified, and transparent after being electrified. From the point of view of energy saving, this is not economical. However, after installing dimming glass, it is necessary to prepare for power failure. If there is an accidental power failure when privacy is needed to be ensured, privacy exposure is very embarrassing. However, for a room where daylighting is needed, if frosted glass is installed, it will also affect the lighting Only then has the electrified change transparent this kind of design.


2、 What is the difference between electrified glass and ordinary glass

Features of electrified glass products:

1. Principle: the transparent characteristics of dimming glass mainly come from the "electro-optic effect" of the dimming film, and judging the quality of a product is to see whether it can complete the instant switch between transparency and blur.

2. Safety: dimming glass also belongs to a kind of laminated glass. The film in the dimming glass is bonded to the glass. When the dimming glass is impacted, the glass panel may be broken. However, due to the existence of the film, the broken glass can not be scattered, so it has safety

3. Sound insulation characteristics: the dimming film and film in the middle of dimming glass have sound damping effect, which can effectively block all kinds of noise

4. Control diversification: manual switch, light control, voice control, temperature control, remote control and remote network control

5. The simple structure, low cost, convenient installation and convenient control mode can save the tedious installation of curtains and the trouble of cleaning in the future

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