The principle of adjusting light transmission of dimming film
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Intelligent dimming film is a kind of intelligent light control product whose color changes with the change of environmental light and heat intensity. It not only has the function of heat insulation, sun protection and UV protection, but also has the same safety and adhesion of traditional sandwich materials. Therefore, the intelligent photo thermal dimming film can be sandwiched into photochromic glass by glass lamination process. The color changing glass that can feel the climate change is a glass full of life. It is the first choice of natural dimming products for automobiles, yachts, building doors and windows, daylighting roofs and other places.

For special nano materials, the photothermal factors are arranged in different angles and directions due to different photothermal intensities.

When the photothermal intensity becomes stronger, the nano photosensitive temperature sensitive factors absorb more energy and distribute intensively and regularly, which hinders the light from passing through, and the glass color changes from light to deep. It's like wearing color changing sunglasses on the window, blocking glare, protecting eyes and blocking heat. Create a warm atmosphere for you and your family.

When the photothermal intensity becomes weak, the temperature sensitive factors gradually return to disorderly arrangement, and the light is easy to pass through. The color changes from deep to light. It doesn't affect your driving, sailing, working or enjoying the scenery. For you and your home escort, create a harmonious living environment.

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