You need high insulation glass in summer
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With the arrival of summer, the temperature gradually rises. The hot temperature makes people have no place to hide. Even in the room, it is also inseparable from the fan air conditioning. If the air conditioning is not turned on, the indoor environment is just like a steamer. In addition to climate change, the indoor heat also has a lot to do with the doors and windows of the house. Here, Xiaobian is an Amway float glass with high heat insulation, which can make the room no longer rely on air conditioning alone, but also cool for a summer.


First, let's take a look at what is high insulation float glass

The principle of high insulation glass insulation——

Three thousandths of special materials are added to the raw materials of glass production, which makes the glass block the infrared wavelength of 780-2500nm in the solar spectrum, so that direct radiation can not be transmitted into the room through the glass, and the heat generated by the barrier will be absorbed on the glass surface, and brought to the outside through the convection of external air, and the glass will be preheated faster than the ordinary glass.

In addition, high insulation glass has the following advantages:

1. No color deviation

2. No scratches on the surface

3. The insulation effect will never fade

4. Single chip processing without distinction between front and back

5. Safety, health, radiation free

6. Eye protection without stroboscopic

A 5mm thick single piece of high insulation glass can be realized:

The solar spectrum is 5% UV heat, which blocks 39.6%

The solar spectrum is 54% infrared heat, which is 94.8% blocked

41% visible light glare in solar spectrum, 71.9% through

If the hollow structure is hollow, 5mm ordinary glass + 12a + 5mm high insulation glass has better performance:

The solar spectrum is 5% UV heat, blocking 48.0%

The solar spectrum is 54% infrared heat, blocking 96.1%

41% visible glare of solar spectrum, 64.0% through

Adopt high performance glass with good heat insulation, no reflection light pollution, beautiful and safe, and create a comfortable and pleasant home environment

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