How to see the quality of dimming glass
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Light glass is a very practical high-tech glass product. It not only has all the characteristics of safety glass, but also can freely control whether the glass is transparent or not. It has a good privacy protection function, and can also be used as a projection screen, as well as a variety of control methods. It is very magical.

With the development of economy, the original high price dimming glass has gradually come into ordinary people's homes, residential buildings, office buildings have also begun to use dimming glass. So, how to identify the quality of dimming glass?

Light transmittance:

In the transparent type, the light transmittance is excellent, clear and transparent without defects. In the privacy mode, the light transmission is transparent but opaque, which can protect privacy. The light transmittance of high-quality dimming glass should be above 74%.

You can place the palm on the back of the glass. In privacy mode, you can see the outline of the palm on the back from the front, but you can't see the fingerprint of the palm.

Sandwich membrane:

When choosing dimming glass, you can ask whether the laminated glass is EVA or PVB. You can ask for the certificate of origin of the film to judge whether it can be used in the environment you need.

EVA film in the sun or high temperature and humidity environment is very easy to aging and yellowing, and even delamination, and the safety factor is relatively low. At present, PVB laminated film is generally used in curtain wall and outdoor dimming glass.

Glass substrate:

The corresponding glass substrate should be selected according to the place where it is used. Tempered glass should be selected as glass substrate for buildings with high safety factor requirements, and fire-resistant glass should be used as substrate if there are fire-proof requirements.

Hollowing out and fixing:

If the dimming glass needs to be hollowed out and fixed, it must be clear whether the manufacturer can achieve such technology, because the general manufacturers can not meet the requirements, and there will be a lot of unnecessary trouble and loss in the later stage due to the lack of communication in the early stage.

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