External PDLC film has become the development trend of shower room
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The shower room is a functional room that cannot be ignored in the family. The comfort of the shower room directly affects the effect of the whole home decoration. The invention and application of PDLC film and dimming glass are the gospel of shower room glass partition design. With the development of real estate and the upgrading of home decoration requirements, the shower room decoration is constantly updated, from the four simple bathroom parts to the use of tempered glass partitions, and then to the shower room dimming glass partitions, people's requirements for the quality of life Gradually improve. Create a more compelling home improvement effect.

     Why is it said that the shower room dimming glass can improve the quality of life and create a more compelling home improvement effect?

      1. First of all, the shower room dimming glass has the effect of ordinary glass partition.

      Under normal circumstances, the purpose of using glass partitions in shower rooms is to separate the bathing area from the basin area. The dry and wet partitions help to protect the solid wood washbasin installed in the bathroom from excessive water erosion and prolong the service life. ; It can also make the entire shower room more tidy and beautiful. The dimming glass partition adopts tempered glass laminated processing, and performs operations such as stainless steel edging. It is highly customized on demand, which can fully meet the functions of the partition.

      2. The transparency of the dimming glass in the shower room is controllable, and the privacy is higher.

      The main difference between dimming glass and ordinary glass is that the transparency is controllable, and the general control methods are remote control, voice control, temperature control, buttons, etc. When the dimming glass is in a power-off state, it is milky white, because the liquid crystal electrons in the liquid crystal dimming film are arranged irregularly, and natural light is refracted when it encounters the glass, that is, an opaque state; when the dimming glass is energized, it is adjusted The liquid crystal electrons in the light film are arranged in an orderly and directional order, and natural light can pass through the glass to form a transparent state, and the light transmittance can reach more than 80%. It only takes a few seconds to switch between transparent and opaque dimming glass, which is a glass artifact to protect privacy!

      3. Sticking dimming film or dimming glass outside the shower room is safer.

In order to improve the safety of the shower room dimming glass, the glass will be laminated glass first, and then the glass and the dimming film will be processed. The safety factor has been greatly improved, and the compression resistance and impact resistance are 5 times that of tempered glass; secondly The dimming glass is equipped with a transformer, all of which use a safe voltage. Since the dimming film is attached outside the bathroom, it will not be touched by water, and the surrounding area is glued and sealed to achieve a waterproof function.

     Everyone will wonder whether this kind of energized glass is safe. Please use it with confidence. The dimmer glass will be wired in advance before installation. The wiring will not be exposed, and the glass will be edged, which is beautiful and safe. In addition, it is equipped with a standard transformer. The output safety voltage is below 36V (Shenyang teamed up with the exclusive core technology of smart home, even if the dimming film and connecting line are physically damaged, there will be no harm to the exposed wires), and it has a short-circuit protection function with a high safety factor. The application of dimming glass in the shower room is the development trend of home improvement, and it is also a manifestation of people's demand for high-quality life. The film has an advantage, in case the glass is broken, it can also reduce the splash of broken glass.

This is also the main reason why dimming glass has become a popular trend for shower rooms in the future.

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