PDLC film:Why can't the dimming glass be energized, materialized, and transparent?
Editor:Longsheng optronics   Date:12.07.2021  Times:189 times

When it comes to dimming glass and PDLC film, many people don't understand why it can't be energized, atomized, and power-off transparent? In this way, they will feel that they save a lot of electricity, and they can enjoy the sun like ordinary glass without connecting to the power source, and turn on the switch when needed at night, sound insulation and privacy.

The dimming glass and film are like foggy days in early spring, thick and low visibility. As time goes by, the breeze gradually rises and the fog slowly disperses until the sky is clear. The dimming film is similar to this, when the power is turned on, the liquid crystal molecules are neatly arranged in the direction of the current, and then they form a transparent state.

This glass is absolutely high-end and high-end, whether it is home improvement or tooling.

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