PDLC film:How to choose sunscreen and heat insulation dimming glass film
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PDLC film:How to choose sunscreen and heat insulation dimming glass film

Glass is widely used in modern times, and it has always been a product with greater market demand. Through the use of specific treatment methods, we can not only make full use of the characteristics of glass, but also make up for its defects, and are no longer restricted by the natural properties of glass. For example, laminated glass can not only heat insulation, but also the fragments will not splash and hurt people, so it is safe and reliable. Next, we will introduce how to buy sunscreen and heat insulation dimming glass film:

1. How to choose sunscreen, heat insulation and dimming glass film

       Recognizing architectural dimming film can be distinguished from the following aspects:

       1. In terms of wear resistance, the wear-resistant layer of low-grade film is not wear-resistant, while the high-grade film has considerable abrasion resistance. Therefore, we get a building film and distinguish its protective layer, as long as it is on the wear-resistant layer. Rub it a few times to see if there are patterns. Those with patterns are low-grade films, and those without patterns are medium and high-grade films.

       2.See if there is electrostatic attraction. Since the low-grade film uses very few metal materials, when the low-grade film is rubbed, it will slide left and right; while the high-grade film has more metal materials, it has an electrostatic attraction, so Does not slip when rubbed.

       3. To see if the electroplating layer is uniform, pick up a piece of architectural film, and see if its electroplating is uniform. The one that is uniform is a good quality film, and the one that is uneven is a bad quality film.

       4. According to the analysis method, because different grades of solar film have different heat insulation effects, we can use high-power solar lamps (500w-700w) to illuminate the surface of the film. If it is a low-grade film, the heat insulation effect is poor, and the film is also It will feel hot, and the high-grade film does not feel hot through the film because almost no heat can penetrate it.

       5. The carburetor cleaning agent test method uses a film, rubs it on the ground or sprays a carburetor cleaning agent (also known as "chemical cleaning agent") on the film, and the one that fades is an inferior film, which is commonly referred to as dyeing. The film. The one that does not fade is the high-quality film, that is, the original color film. In summary, the architectural film with high light transmittance and high heat insulation rate is a high-grade film.

        Have you remembered the above method of choosing the dimming glass film?

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