Home improvement PDLC film is rarely used by people? There are mainly two reasons
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PDLC film

We often see the figure of the dimming glass film in some domestic and foreign movies and TV shows. As a kind of magical existence, it attracts the attention of many people. Even some friends stayed in domestic hotels and experienced the convenience brought by dimming glass.

So we heard this voice: "I want to install dimming glass in my home to separate the living room from the dining room..." "I want to use dimming glass to separate the toilet and bathroom in that small bathroom in my house... …"

    Indeed, many friends have learned about dimming glass through TV or the Internet, and hope to use it in their own homes, but there will inevitably be some concerns. Is dimming glass suitable for home use? Where can I buy such glass? what is the price? Some people ran around the major building materials markets in the local area, but they didn't find any dimming glass for sale. Why is that?

    First of all, dimming glass is definitely very suitable for home use, and it has gradually become a fashion trend in home decoration. Perhaps some friends have watched old house renovation programs such as "Dream Renovation Home" and "WOW New Home", among which there are content that uses dimming glass to improve the spatial structure. The lighting effect of the dimming glass is very good, so that the previously not spacious space becomes spacious, and it can also protect the privacy of the space where it is located, giving people a comfortable feeling.

    It is rarely used by people, mainly because they don’t know where to buy and because of the higher price.

    If you live in first- and second-tier cities in China, it is easy to buy dimming glass. Basically, there are larger decoration companies, and you can even find manufacturers that integrate design, installation, and after-sales. If you live in some small and medium-sized cities, it is difficult to buy dimming glass. Few people in small cities know about dimming glass, sellers don’t know, and buyers of course are even fewer.

    The higher price is also the reason why dimming glass is less used in home decoration. Just imagine, any square is a price of thousands of dollars, while a square of ordinary glass is only tens of dollars. If the family is not rich, I am afraid it is not willing to pay the money. Besides, many people in cities now provide housing, and the budget for decoration is to be as small as possible, without too much consideration. If you are the owner of a villa in the mountains and the decoration is not bad, then what materials are used for decoration, it is not an easy matter to solve.

    Nowadays, the price of dimming glass is falling, and it is only a matter of time before it enters the homes of ordinary people.

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