How to avoid the smart PDLC film from being broken
Editor:Longsheng optronics   Date:24.06.2021  Times:201 times

PDLC smart film requires careful operation during packaging, handling, construction, etc. If the operation is improper, it is easy to cause damage to the film, resulting in cost loss and delaying the construction. Today, we will draw the following five key points, try to avoid the damage caused by the intelligent PDLC film.

1. When the PDLC film is in a curled state, the diameter of the roll core should be controlled within the range of 15-20cm. If the core is too small, it will press on the film, and if it is too large, it will easily cause the middle to slip off.

2. During the rewinding and unwinding operation of the PDLC film, keep your hands light, hold the film to slowly retract, and do not press it.

3. When transporting and moving the PDLC film, not only pay attention to the angle and distance of the transport, but also pay attention to the surrounding environment to prevent the film from being bumped and the dimming film is broken due to uneven force.

4. Try not to put other irrelevant tools on the operating table of the PDLC film, and keep the table clean, otherwise it is easy to scratch the edge of the PDLC film.

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