The visual impact of dimming glass
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Dimming glass is now more and more widely used, and people are becoming more and more aware of it, and various factors that affect the vision of dimming glass are often mentioned. We often find that it is obviously the same batch of glass, but in different environments, its effect is different. Sometimes the difference can even be large. Is this a product problem? No, no, then what caused such a big difference in the visual effects of the same batch of glass?

What are the visual factors that affect the dimming glass?

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1. The position of the light

Lighting is one of the important factors that cause differences in the effect of dimming glass. By changing the position of the light, we found that the light is far away from the glass, and the haze is very small visually; the light is close to the glass, and the haze is very large.

Second, the angle of observation glass

The same piece of glass, the same visual point, and the glass at different angles, the glass exhibits different effects. When people look at the glass and the line of sight is perpendicular to the glass, the visual effect is better; when the angle between the line of sight and the glass is less than 45 degrees or greater than 135 degrees, the sense of haze will increase.

Three, the size of the space

When people look at the objects behind through the glass, when the space behind the glass is large and the range is wide, the effect of the switch state of the dimming glass is perfect; when the space behind the glass is small and the range is close, the dimming effect After the glass switch state is switched, the effect difference does not change much, but it will make people feel that the haze is relatively large.

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