(PDLC smart film)Longsheng Optronics has a dust-free production plant
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Longsheng Optronics has a dust-free production plant, which is equipped with high-precision process and mechanical equipment, and manufactures the core material dimming film in the dust-free clean room and plant.

A piece of ordinary glass turns into a display screen immediately after power on, and the clarity of smart dimming glass is comparable to that of an LCD TV. "With the further expansion of mass production, the cost-effectiveness of our products will become more and more prominent. The company's dimming film products are not limited by size, have good environmental adaptability, and have been applied in many fields. Any transparent glass can easily The “dimming film” on the ground becomes an intelligent display that integrates virtual and real, and then becomes an electronic product with multimedia display function, which realizes the function of window as TV, TV as window, and fully integrates the aesthetics of space design, which can be applied to Electronic curtains, green building materials, and media showcases have become a golden weapon for the new generation of media industry.

Longsheng Optronics derives PDLC film, dimming film, PDLC smart film, Electrochromic Window Film, smart glass film on the basis of dimming film

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