The impact of the installation of PDLC film glass on the hotel
Editor:Longsheng optronics   Date:25.05.2021  Times:231 times

The space of hotel rooms is often limited, which requires very strict internal reasonable layout. At present, more and more hotels begin to install PDLC film glass, which has brought a lot of benefits to the hotel. Let's take a detailed look at the impact of the installation of dimming glass on the hotel:

  1, increase the visual effect

The dimming glass can minimize visual obstructions while partitioning, giving people a sense of enlargement and extension. More importantly, a glass wall can save about 10 cm of space than a brick wall. It is a real increase in space.

  2, energy saving and environmental protection

   dimmable glass has many advantages such as transparency, environmental protection, easy installation, and can also be soundproof, fireproof, and energy-saving. It is the best choice for hotel shower room partition applications.

  3, easy to clean and check hygiene

   After the guests check out, the cleaning staff can more easily and clearly know where they have not been cleaned up and where there is a problem, which can be more relaxed and efficient.

  4, easy to observe

   When guests take a bath or go to the toilet, they can see all the conditions in the room at a glance, and find out whether there are outsiders entering the room in time, so as to minimize the risk of property loss.

   The above is the application of the installation of PDLC film glass to the hotel. It can be said that the use of dimming glass in the partition of star hotels is an increasingly better trend. If you want to know more about the knowledge of PDLC film glass, or want to purchase dimming glass products, you can contact us.

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