Why do current designers prefer to use PDLC film glass
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Dimming glass is probably the most magical material I have ever seen through it, and the world is sometimes clear and sometimes transparent. When I need it, I can see myself and others through it

When I want to be quiet, I can use it to "hide" myself. It can be said that more and more first-class designers will recommend their customers to integrate dimming glass into interior design. In the past, glass was only used for the design of office and shop decoration because of its fragile and poor care and other shortcomings; now, after these shortcomings are eliminated, the achievable indoor matching forms of dimming glass are becoming more and more diverse.

PDLC film

The dimming glass can be said to take into account performance and appearance, both inside and outside, it can meet the actual functional needs of partition, expansion, space utilization, etc., because of its outstanding features such as convenient light and dark conversion and changeable settings, it can also be very good. The land is integrated with other types of designs, giving designers more room for development.

In the past, interior design needs to fully consider the design and arrangement of indoor lighting, curtain setting and other issues, but dimming glass greatly simplifies these two steps. Through the ingenious introduction of natural light, it can also reflect the outdoor scenery, which can achieve multiple goals and simplify work. .

The love for dimming glass is a response to the pursuit of a pure spiritual world. The designer applies it to home decoration, and while realizing the residential artistic effect, his own emotions can also be expressed.

The cold glass is overflowing with warmth due to the integration of the black technology of the intelligent PDLC film. This is probably the ultimate pursuit of our continuous development and improvement of its performance.

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