The development trend of PDLC smart film
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PDLC smart film can be used as a sandwich or internal and external film for architectural glass. It can achieve a solution to control the heat entering and exiting through the window by adjusting the incoming light and blocking the heat. It can automatically change color on demand and no longer need to use indoor shading. Curtains or outdoor sunshade grilles are used for shading or heat insulation.

So how will the dimming film develop in the future?

PDLC smart film

Energy saving and improved comfort

The PDLC film should achieve obvious energy-saving effects and improve comfort. This relies on a control system that can implement accurate regulation. Through the sensor connected to the smart dimming film and the intermediate state controller, the light transmittance of the PDLC film is adjusted according to the external light. It is necessary to block excessive sunlight to reduce cooling energy consumption, but also to meet the requirements of visual comfort, and at the same time It is possible to introduce sunlight to reduce lighting energy consumption and achieve the optimization of energy efficiency and user experience.

Add feature

Because the functions of the first-generation products of PDLC smart filmcommercialization are relatively single and can only be controlled between on and off, we should use polymer materials through co-extrusion, casting, biaxial stretching, or surface treatment, coating, coating, Printing, laminating, cutting and other processing and manufacturing, giving it strength, heat resistance, mechanical properties, electronic properties, optical properties, gas barrier properties and other properties, making it a multifunctional dimming film.

Lower the cost

The cost of the previous PDLC film was too high and it was not easy to create revenue. Now it is necessary to make a precise controller, a faster light transmittance conversion speed, avoid color in the opaque state, and have a larger dimming range, which reduces its production. The cost makes the product design more versatile to adapt to the requirements of different users, different climatic conditions, and different HVAC systems.

At present, the value of smart dimming film products is not only reflected in the reduction of energy expenditure, but more importantly, in terms of load management and user comfort, only this can attract consumers' attention. Based on the above three points, the product is changed to low-cost, high-comfort and flexible, which can not only cope with various shapes of surfaces, but also can be integrated into wearable devices, such as high-quality and inexpensive PDLC films such as color-changing camouflage uniforms.

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