Learn about PDLC smart film
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PDLC film is a huge flat capacitor which realizes transparent or opaque effect by applying or removing electric field to drive the liquid crystal molecules aligned or disordered array.Following fig shows PDLC film's usage.Our PDLC smart film is clearer,more transparent and more endurable than common smart film.So it can improve performance and service life of PDLC film related products.

PDLC smart film including 2 major classification:

One is adhesive smart film.Adhesive smart film can be added to existing glass or any other transparent material.When common glass has already install and it is not convenient to replace it with smart glass,adhesive smart film will be your best choice.It is also applicable to specific film products as car film or equipment film.The other one is smart privacy glass.PDLC is laminated with two pieces of glass,with EVA interlayer inserted on each sideto trap and hold the PDLC.This structure can keep PDLC from scratch or wear.

PDLC smart film advantages:

1. High electric voltage resistance

2. High weather resistant&No shrinkage

3. Waterproof

4. High clearance

PDLC smart film

PDLC smart film applications:

1. Installing PDLC in the hotel bathroom bring better view.

2. Used in luxurious recreation places,controlling your privacy at any time.

3. Used in indoor swimming pool brings good privacy protection.

4. Installed in high buliding with a wide view brings stunning effect.

5. Use for projection system,we can not only see through it,the projection on it can also show a 3D effect.

6. Also widely use for curtain wall,bank counter,sunroom,car windows and so on.

PDLC smart film functions:

1. Using PDLC smart film as electric curtain,we can control privacy easily.

2. PDLC smart film can block 99% UV,more than 70% IR,so it can decrease temperature and save energy as a result.

3. We can also use PDLC film as projection display screen.

4. PDLC smart film can realize more functions when used togther with intelligent control system

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