Choose dimming glass or self-adhesive PDLC film?
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Those who are often concerned about dimming glass should know that if you want to make a glass partition that can switch between transparent and opaque, you don't have to use dimming glass, you can also use self-adhesive PDLC film. Self-adhesive PDLC film, as the name suggests, is a PDLC film that can be attached to glass. Its effect is basically the same as that of dimming glass, but the scenes used are slightly different.

First, let's understand the main difference between down-dimming glass and self-adhesive PDLC film.

1. Cost

The dimming glass is made of laminated glass by placing the liquid crystal film in the middle of two layers of original glass through high temperature and high pressure. The self-adhesive dimming film is directly made of an ITO film with adhesive to make a film that can be directly attached to the glass. In terms of cost, the self-adhesive dimming film saves the cost of the original glass and all the costs incurred in processing the glass, and the price will of course be lower.

PDLC film

2. Transportation

Dimmable glass is a fragile product, transportation has certain risks, and it is very heavy. Long-distance transportation must be packed in wooden boxes, while exporting to foreign countries needs to be exported in wooden boxes. Wooden box fees and shipping costs are relatively high. The self-adhesive film can be rolled into a roller-like package, which is smaller in size, lower in freight, and safer and more convenient to transport.

3. Installation

The installation method of dimming glass is basically the same as that of ordinary glass, except that the wiring requires the manufacturer's guidance, other processes can be completed as ordinary glass installation. The self-adhesive film application process is more complicated, requiring not only a clean and flat glass surface, but also skillful techniques of the operator, and there are many places that need to be paid attention to.

The advantages of self-adhesive film are also obvious. For some customers who have already installed the glass, they can directly attach the film to the original glass, eliminating the tedious and wasteful removal of the glass. It solves the problem of installing the glass but wanting to have a dimming effect. There is no need to remove the glass.

So how should I buy dimming glass and PDLC film?

1. Pay attention to the usage scenario.

The dimming glass is in the form of glass, with high strength and hardness, low probability of man-made damage, and a wide range of use scenarios. Offices, hotels, etc. partitions or doors and windows can be used. The self-adhesive dimming film is more delicate than the dimming glass. It appears in the form of a film. Avoid scratches by hard and sharp objects when using it. Therefore, the self-adhesive dimming film is recommended to be used in a relatively open environment, so that people will not uncover the film out of curiosity. If it is used in a hotel, guests may uncover the dimming film out of curiosity in a private room, and the hotel staff is complicated and controllable, so it is better to choose dimming glass.

2. Choose reliable suppliers.

Some manufacturers can produce self-adhesive film, and some manufacturers can only produce dimming glass, and those who can produce dimmable glass may not be able to produce self-adhesive film. There are many manufacturers of dimming glass, but there are fewer manufacturers of self-adhesive film. It can be seen that the production of self-adhesive film has higher technical requirements.

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