PDLC smart film has become the new favorite of the decoration industry!
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With the development of human society and the continuous improvement of architectural design concepts, modern buildings have put forward unprecedented new requirements in terms of resource utilization, energy conservation, environmental coordination, intelligent control, and health benefits. Modern office and living environments increasingly require openness. A space with dual functions of privacy and privacy. How much do you know about PDLC smart film?

 1. principle

The AQA smart light-adjusting film is a polymer-dispersed liquid crystal: the polar liquid crystal molecules are oriented or disorderly arranged by applying or removing an electric field, so as to achieve a transparent or shielding effect.

 2. characteristic

Because the liquid crystal is dispersed by polymer: the polar liquid crystal molecules are oriented or disorderly arranged by applying or removing an electric field, so as to achieve transparency or shielding effect. Transparent when energized, but opaque when energized: This feature mainly comes from the liquid crystal in the dimming film. To be more detailed, there is a kind of liquid crystal molecules (PDLC). When the power is not applied, the liquid crystal molecules are scattered and become a frosted state; when the power is applied, the liquid crystal molecules will instantly line up in a line, and the state presented at this time is instantaneous. It's transparent. This is the magic of electronically atomized glass.

 3. safety

The PDLC smart film firmly bonds the glass, so that when the glass is broken by impact, the glass fragments will stick to the film in the middle, and there will be no glass fragments splashing and hurting people.

 4. Environmental protection

The PDLC smart film can shield infrared rays and more than 99% of ultraviolet rays. Shielding infrared rays can reduce heat radiation and transmission; and shielding ultraviolet rays can protect indoor furnishings from fading and aging due to ultraviolet radiation, and protect personnel from diseases caused by direct ultraviolet rays.

  5. Privacy

The PDLC smart film can be atomized and transparent, and cut off the power when necessary to atomize the glass, so as to block the line of sight, prevent peeping, and prevent sneak shots.

To put it simply, if you have such a glass with a PDLC smart film on one side, you can freely change the permeability and adjust the performance according to the occasion, mood, and functional requirements.

The introduction of PDLC smart film is here today. If you want to learn more about PDLC smart film or want to install PDLC smart film, you can contact us through the hotline at the bottom of the website.

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