The combination of PDLC film and curtain wall makes you unimaginable
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The combination of PDLC film and curtain wall makes it hard for you to imagine: the glass curtain wall is a new type of contemporary wall.

The characteristic it gives to the building is to organically unify the architectural aesthetics, architectural functions, building energy efficiency and building structure. The building presents different tones from different angles, which gives people dynamic changes with the changes in sunlight, moonlight, and light. nice. There are magnificent and magnificent glass curtain wall buildings in major cities on all continents, such as the New York World Trade Center, Chicago Petroleum Building, and Sears Tower all using glass curtain walls. The Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong, the Great Wall Hotel in Beijing and the Shanghai Lianyi Building have also been adopted one after another.

PDLC film

However, glass curtain walls also have some limitations, such as privacy protection, light pollution, high energy consumption, safety and other issues. With the continuous emergence of new materials and technologies, these problems are gradually being incorporated into the comprehensive research system of architectural modeling, building materials, and building energy efficiency. As a whole design problem, we have conducted in-depth discussions. We found that the original glass and dimming The combined effect of the membrane is so wonderful.

The PDLC film is a kind of PDLC smart film, which can be directly attached to the glass. Through the control of the external electric field, the PDLC film appears penetrating and foggy, which realizes people's dual requirements for glass penetration and privacy protection, even if it is not transparent. The daylighting is still very good, which is not possible with all current building materials, and it has many functions such as energy saving, environmental protection, sound insulation, safety, and projection.

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