PDLC smart Film
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PDLC smart film, also known as PDLC Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal, PDLC Chinese name for polymer dispersed liquid crystals, also known as electronically controlled dimming membrane, electronic curtains and so on. It is a membrane technology-based product that mixes a rod-shaped polymer liquid crystal(LC, abbreviated as LC) with a prepolymer and attaches it to a transparent conductive substrate so that it has both liquid and crystal characteristics, as well as remarkable photoelectric properties. In the absence of an electric field, the disordered arrangement of its molecules is in an opaque state, and under the action of an electric field, its molecules are arranged in an orderly manner along the direction of the electric field, making it transparent. By controlling the electric field, it can be converted between transparent and opaque States. 

Product principle:

The STF structure is a mixture of liquid crystals and polymers sandwiched between two conductive membranes. The polymer is reticulated. The liquid crystal droplets and polymer materials composed of liquid crystals are filled in the gap. The liquid crystal molecules in each liquid crystal droplet are arranged in a consistent manner. Form a single axis liquid crystal, However, the optical axes of different liquid crystal droplets are arranged in a chaotic manner.

The conductive film is a thin film with an ITO conductive layer or a transparent conductive layer of silver nanowires on the flaky surface, which has conductive effect. When light passes through the conductive film, it passes through mesh polymers, liquid crystal droplets, mesh polymers, liquid crystal droplets and other substances in the direction of propagation. In the absence of an electric field, due to the disorganized arrangement of the optical axes of liquid crystal droplets, the light is scattered by rice at the interface between liquid crystal droplets and mesh polymers, thus presenting an opaque state. Under the action of the electric field, the optical axis of liquid crystal droplets is arranged in an orderly manner. This allows light to penetrate the interface between liquid crystal droplets and mesh polymers, thus showing a transparent state.

Product features:

1, privacy protection

The biggest function of the intelligent dimming film is the privacy protection function, which can control the transparent and opaque state of the glass at any time.

2, projection function

Smart dimming film can be dimmed not only, but also an excellent projection screen, the projection effect is very outstanding.

3, energy conservation and environmental protection

Low power consumption of only 5W per hour per square meter under electrification. The smart dimming film can block 60 % infrared and 99 % ultraviolet light. Blocking infrared rays to reduce thermal radiation and transmission; The shielding of ultraviolet light can protect the interior furnishings from fading and aging due to ultraviolet radiation, and protect people from direct ultraviolet radiation and cause diseases.

4, sound insulation characteristics

The intelligent dimming film is attached to the glass and has the effect of sound damping, which can effectively block all kinds of noise.

5, security

Have all the advantages of safe glass, including the safety of the glass after breaking, good impact strength, sound insulation, heat insulation, ultraviolet protection.

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