The PDLC film in the partition glass solves the lighting problem of your house
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The PDLC film in the partition glass solves the lighting problem of your house

Everyone hopes that their house is spacious and bright. Only living in such a house can they feel comfortable and good for physical and mental health! However, due to various reasons, some owners' houses do not have good lighting.

Glass, half wall partition

Among the popular partitions, glass and half walls are two types that do not affect the light. The master bedroom and cloakroom, the dry and wet areas of the bathroom, the living room and the study can all be partitioned by smart dimming glass. The room can be separated by a half wall, and the dimming glass and half wall can also be combined. It can make the space more transparent, without affecting the lighting coming in.

There is often oily smoke in the kitchen area, and the glass partition plays a very practical role. Compared with the wall, the glass partition allows family members to pay attention to each other.

PDLC film

The use of dimming glass as a partition not only solves the problem of lighting and partitioning space, but also has high appearance. Not only does it not affect daylighting, but the controllability of the dimming glass also ensures privacy.

The dimming glass material can refract light, giving people a strong sense of spatial transparency. The two spaces connected by the pen do not interfere with each other, and they are under the same roof. Intelligent dimming glass is used as a partition, which is simple and atmospheric, but also more versatile, which can be adapted to a variety of different decoration styles.

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