Commercial application of PDLC smart film
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Dimming glass, a layer of liquid crystal film is sandwiched between two layers of glass. This is a product based on dimming film technology. The liquid crystal molecules are attached to the ITO substrate, and the electrodes on the light-transmitting edge introduce current, and the arrangement of the liquid crystal molecules is changed by turning on the power, thereby controlling the transparency of the glass. The permeability of the space can be freely switched through the PDLC smart  film. It is a curtain that can be remotely controlled at will, and privacy protection is under your control. As a technological product, what aspects can smart dimming film be applied to? Here is a brief summary for everyone:

Business application

Example 1: The role of the projection screen. Here, the dimming glass has another business name called "smart glass projection screen", which means that it can display background decorative pictures in a transparent state, or be used as a glass wall in a meeting room. In the opaque state, it can replace the imaging screen, and has the characteristics of clear picture. In this way, the functional monopoly of the traditional cement wall is broken, and multiple functions are realized.

Example 2: Office area, conference room, monitoring room partition. Even if it is a huge office area, partitioned by several walls or frosted glass, it will appear small and boring. All of them are designed with transparent glass and lack business confidentiality. At this time, you really need a dimming film that can adjust the transparency. Worry, office areas such as monitoring rooms, conference rooms, and business negotiations can be adjusted to a full-light and transparent state. When needed, just gently press the remote control to completely blur the entire area from the surrounding eyes.

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