Understand the structure and principle of PDLC film
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We have been independently developing core materials for more than ten years and have acquired multinational intellectual property rights so far. Professional name is PDLC film (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) polymer dispersed liquid crystal. Generally speaking, there are electronically controlled film, electronically controlled visual film, electronically controlled liquid crystal film, electronic curtain and so on. The energy-saving building materials can effectively isolate ultraviolet and infrared rays, achieve the effect of light transmission and heat insulation, and reduce room temperature and save space power consumption.

Film structure:

  • Non-adhesive film

    It can't be stuck onto the glass directly,but has to be laminated with the glass.

    PDLC film

  • Adhesive film

    With a layer of pressure sensitive silicon,the film can be directly applied onto the glass.

    PDLC film

    Liquid Crystal Display Principle:

  • When the power is turned on,the liquid crystal molecules are arranged neatly,and the PDLC film is transparent.

  • When the power is turned off,the liquid crystal molecules are disorderly arranged,and the PDLC film is misty.

    PDLC film

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