What is PDLC film
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PDLC film is a kind of film that can adjust the light passing state. It mainly works between the scattering state and the transparent state, that is, the transparency is adjusted by the voltage.

The basic principle is:

1. When the dimming film is powered off, the polymer liquid crystal materials are arranged disorderly, so that light cannot penetrate the film. The effect seen at this time is the milky white opaque state.

2. When the dimming film is energized, the polymer liquid crystal materials in the middle of the film are arranged in an orderly manner under the action of the electric field, allowing light to pass through the film, and the effect seen at this time is the state of a transparent and colorless film.

Its glass products are finished dimming glass with PVB interlayer as the interlayer. Its light transmittance, impact resistance, safety, and life are far better than the finished EVA interlayer dimming glass. The structure is as follows:


Dimming film application field

The dimming film can be directly attached to the transparent strengthened glass, which is transparent when energized, and misty when not energized, and has a wide range of applications.

Compared with those traditional and bulky blinds and expensive "smart glass", this is obviously a relatively convenient and feasible way to protect privacy. It is suitable for a variety of places such as family living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and office.

2. Energy saving

Building energy consumption accounts for more than a quarter of the total energy consumption. The energy consumption of doors and windows accounts for about half of the building energy consumption, and the loss through glass conduction accounts for 70%.

When light penetrates the "glass curtain wall" and enters the room to generate heat, if you want to lower the temperature of the air-conditioning, every 1°C decrease requires an increase in power consumption by 6%. Therefore, when the outdoor temperature is too high, use a dimming film and adjust it to a foggy shape. The heat insulation effect is good, which can ensure that the indoor is relatively cool, as shown in the following figure:

As shown in the figure above, compared to other glasses, the glass with dimming film can not only absorb ultraviolet and reflect infrared heat, but also become foggy to reflect visible light heat, so it can effectively reduce the indoor temperature.


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