Smart dimming film to light up life
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The intelligent dimming film, a new type of electronic light control product, is ultra-highly transparent, bendable, heat-resistant, waterproof, anti-ultraviolet, ultra-low power consumption, ultra-long life, low-voltage drive, environmental protection, and projection with different viewing angles and the same brightness. Excellent performance such as quality is favored by smart enthusiasts.

The smart dimming film is made by injecting nano-tungsten oxide between two transparent conductive films through a special process. Under the action of an external voltage or electric field, it can quickly realize the arbitrary conversion of "transparent when power is on, and light and opaque when power off".

Widely used in business, education, medical care, home furnishing, media communication, transportation, etc., it has become an important technological breakthrough in the field of glass film.

1. Business Center

After the smart dimming film is pasted on the glass curtain wall, it is adjusted into a foggy shape during the day, which can be used as an electronic curtain to protect indoor privacy, achieve heat insulation, and effectively reduce indoor temperature. It can become a large advertising wall at night. It has the characteristics of high light transmission, does not affect the light penetration, and enjoys the scenery outside the window very clearly.

2. Commodity display, commercial advertisement

The glass display windows in museums, exhibition halls, and shopping malls are pasted with smart dimming film to protect products and play projection advertisements when in the fogging state; when they are transparent, the products inside the windows are displayed. The failure rate is close to zero, which provides the most beneficial guarantee for various commercial purposes.

dimming film      PDLC smart film

3. Medical facilities

It can replace curtains and used in medical clinics, operating rooms, chemotherapy rooms, and nursery rooms that require aseptic operation. It can not only avoid bacterial contamination and inconvenience of changing and washing caused by curtains, but also block noise and dust, keep the environment clean, and protect Privacy, reduce interference to medical staff and patients.

4. Offices, meeting rooms, schools, hotels, entertainment venues

It can quickly realize the conversion between atomization and transparency, break through the limitations of traditional cement walls and frosted glass, improve the spatial layout, achieve transparency, and make people feel a better visual space. With sound damping effect, it can effectively block all kinds of sounds, making the noisy and noisy environment quiet and secret. Turn the traditional glass partition wall into a multimedia projection wall, with outstanding projection effect, creating an elegant and dreamy atmosphere.

5. Bank counters, business halls, ticket offices

During normal business operations, maintain a transparent state; in emergencies, remote control is used to instantly reach a fuzzy state, so that police officers can buy more time to subdue the robbers and ensure the safety of personnel's lives and property to the greatest extent.

6. Cars, trains and ships

Sticking to the glass can be sun-proof, explosion-proof, heat-insulating, water-proof, and privacy protected. It can block excessive sunlight to reduce cooling energy consumption and achieve the effect of warming in winter and cooling in summer. Good safety performance, it can prevent glass splashing and hurting people after breaking. There are many different choices of colors, patterns, etc.

7. Home application

Paste on balcony window glass, skylight glass, sun room glass, etc., to block sunlight, shield infrared rays, reduce heat radiation, protect indoor furnishings from aging and fading due to ultraviolet radiation, and avoid direct ultraviolet rays to ensure effective indoor lighting. Switch the PDLC smart film to a transparent state, and whenever night falls, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window and the sky full of stars.

It can partition indoor space, such as a bathroom and sanitary partition, so that the layout is open and bright, and privacy is well protected. With projection equipment, it can be used as a small home theater screen, which can present high-brightness and high-resolution images, effectively combining the screen and the screen, adding sentiment and fun to life.

Intelligent dimming film has many excellent performances and wide applications. It is quick and convenient to use, and does not require manual control. It only needs to be controlled by switch, remote control, light control, voice control, and mobile phone APP. It is believed that in the near future, smart dimming film will be popularized.

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