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PDLC film


Taicang Longsheng Optronics Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as“Longsheng Optronics”) was established in Taicang City, Jiangsu Province. It is a separate development, manufacturing, sales company and manufacturing of new materials for LCD PDLC film by Chiefway Optronics in accordance with the future strategic development plan of PDLC film. There are 34 employees, including 2 doctors, 3 masters, 21 undergraduates, 5 specialists, and 3 others.The wide-temperature PDLC film independently developed and produced by the company has obtained 34 patent certifications and energy-saving c...




Automotive glass application
Building doors and windows
Office area application
Party building culture
Commercial application
Exhibition Application
Bank window application
Projection application
The PDLC film is used on the sanitary partition


  • Glass imaging
    Provide large screen large size imaging, high definition, high contrast, customized imaging size.
  • Safe voltage
    12V ~ 36V low voltage is more safe, in line with national safety standards. Low energy consumption, solar energy independent power supply in the future.
  • Selective focus
    Commodity display and glass imaging interact to present the display technology of combination of virtual and real, and create a new experience of perception.
  • Intelligent interaction
    Combining human body sensing, touch control and smart phones, we can expand the communication efficiency of advertising through cloud technology.
  • Heat insulation and high temperature resistance
    Heat insulation, high temperature resistance, blocking more than 99% ultraviolet and 98% infrared, to prevent people and furniture from sunburn.
  • One stop service
    Provide from planning and design, hardware, software, system, background, installation and maintenance of six permanent services.


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